About Our NGO

After liberalization India is one of the most fast growing nations. Our achievement in the field of computer science, space research, Pharmaceutical, Auto, Telecommunication, Vocation Training for Women, Government project & other industries is remarkable. But unfortunately village where the soul of India lives, the situation has not been considerably changed. The growth rate of cottage industries, small scale industries, agro based industries is declining day by day due to multinational competitive market quality control & other various factor. The social, educational & economic status of women is not much improved. Children of our rural society at very tender age go to earn for their family, still people die due to starvation. There is no quality improvement in civil amenities in rural area. Even in urban area. More or less the situation is the same. In this situation there is an important role of NGOs & it is our duty to go to the rural as well as backward area to identify the problems of needy people & provide them basic supportive system for education, health & vocational courses relating to get employment & livelihood sources.

Our objective

Our objective is sustainable development of entire society through participatory practices on a practical & pragmatic basis. We especially focus on women, children, rural laborers, physically & mentally handicapped person and others. At present our organization is undertaking the various activities to mobilize & aware the messes about the various schemes of development launched by central as well as state Govt. for the welfare of the socially educationally, & economically backward people.


We always insist that local people participation must be assured & their visions, perceptions & willingness must get proper space on the basis of merit & priority at the time of execution we think that people should be empowered so that they become self-reliant.Our official members, & grass root level volunteers are working hard to give new definition of society where no one dies due to starvation, each child must go to school, each citizen must be literate, and old age persons must have caring hands & more.
We thank to community, local officials, volunteers and workforce who are supporting us for new vision in every walk of life.


Donate and get exemption in your income tax with 80 G Certified organization.

Hearty congratulations to all the well wishers along with each and every member of Global Institute of Information Technology and Samajic Sewa Sansthan family!. Glad to inform that social organization Global Institute of Information Technology and Samajic Sewa Sansthan(Govt. Regd.) is registered with Government of India under section 21-1860 & Registraion no is 1803/09-10. Significant progress has been made in the direction of development. Now your organization is registered as 80 G and 12 A registration.

80G Registration- This registration helps in getting the donor’s deduction under Income Tax for the amount donated to your trust. And 12A Registration – This registration helps the trust to get tax exemption.

Global Institute of Information Technology and Samajic Sewa Sansthan has been approved earlier on NITI Aayog NGO Darpan Portal & MSME. Under this, the institution has also got the right to receive government grants.

Global Institute of Information Technology and Samajic Sewa Sansthan is proved to many types of Education in rural and urban area. "Bihar Computer Education Mission" is our dream project for growing Bihar and our organization is support for needy or meritorious students and developed a society or youth for employment, GIIT & Samajic Sewa Sansthan is focus on IT- Sector and motivate for his growing carrier. GIIT & Samajic Sewa Santhan is starting at Dhabouli, Saharsa (Bihar) in Yr. 2009.

GIIT & Samajic Sewa Santhan family whose members are none of the big personalities. Nevertheless, the members of this organization dedicated to humanity are available 24 hours a day in social service, there is no need to tell it today. It is true that our society is liberal. The foundation is getting immense cooperation and affection in every field to take forward the service spirit.

Again, many thanks to all the best people of the society, businessmen, public representatives, journalist brothers, for the immense affection and cooperation of all the organizations and youth from the bottom of my heart. You stay connected….. there will always be an effort to do better work in future.

Amit Kumar Gautam

Global Institute of Information Technology and Samajic Sewa Sansthan