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Global Institute of information technology and Samajic Seva Sansthan (GIITSSS) commenced its IT education & training business in 2009. GIIT & Samajic Seva Sansthan leading IT Education with a global presence has its Adm. Corporate office- Gautam Infotech Education Pvt. Ltd. Madhepura, and our 225+ branches in Entire Bihar & Jharkhand, GIIT & Samajic Seva Sansthan is working in Skill Education, Empowerment and Social Activities. The institution addresses business opportunities in the retail training & education segment with a thrust on long-term career courses and the high-end short-term courses in Information Technology, Spoken English Training, Mass Media Course, Computer Hardware course, Hardware Networking course The institution also has a significant business in the Institutional segment where it offers Total Learning Solutions to students, house wifes and Working professionals. GIIT & Samajic Seva Sansthan is registered under Society Act Vide Regd. No is 1803 and affiliation Year is 2009. GIIT & Samajic Seva Sansthan is registered under the MSME, NITI Ayog, NIELIT (Govt. of India) & ISO 9001:2015 also certified. Our Organization is certified 65000 students after the Training Trough Our Branches at Bihar & Jharkhand and more than 25000 students are pleased in Govt. or private Sector. GIIT & Samajic Seva Sansthan is Launch in various type course/Program in vocational Education through our corporate office Gautam Infotech Education Pvt. Ltd.

Information Technology

Information Technology has become the fastest growing Industry in today is scenario which is providing thousands of job to well trained professionals. India has achieved a terrific growth in this field and is being considered as a Super Power in the world Information Technology is providing the upcoming future that will change every face of Human existence. In order to produce Information Technology Professionals, IT education requires a good infrastructure and high quality competence The interference of the computer enters in our life.Computer education is beneficial when any course of computer is done by the recognized institution or university. Indian Government also gives the slogan "Information Technology for All". For Development and extension of this programmer 20 Lac Information Technology Experts requires within six years. Other then I.T. field Ancillary Units and Industries requires demand of more then 10 Lac employees, but it come in force in India before few years. Now by the help of internet whole world is in our computer screen. Due to which we can take any of information within few seconds through computer. It is learning institute and is always willing to invent, innovate and renovate itself with the changing times. In continuation of it & education service to the nation, the Bharat Mission has become a pioneer in providing the best IT education & training in collaboration with state and Govt. of India. Our the prime goal of providing quality IT education to its Students and the meeting the need for skilled IT Professionals in the country.


GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND SAMAJIC SEVA SANSTHAN is an autonomous institution. The main objective behind the establishment of this institution is to spread the computer literacy to all over the country. By this computer literacy program, we ensure that student may learn more and more and can become self-motivated. Our beefy infrastructure and dedicated officers urge students to move forward to get greater Professional Competence. They have also been exposed to the training and real world projects. I am sure that our student can get enough knowledge to face any demand and challenges that an employer may have on them. I wish for their great success and bright future and hope frothier better tomorrow.


G.I.I.T. and Samajic Seva Sansthan is not merely and institute to guide you to a prosperous career, but it is also a place to nature your talents and fulfills your potentials. It makes professionals of you, shows you dreams of touching sky and then turns them into reality. The Academy harnessed the talents of a distinguished faculty and employed the most advanced commutation and technological tools, to deliver quality education at our study centers spread right across the country. So that we proved you with the perfect springboard to reach greater heights in your career.
Nothing Succeed like Success,
So wishing you, all success in your life.